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Rubs &
Yard Bird Chicken Rub
If it has feathers you can use Yard Bird. Put on chicken to bake in the oven, cook in a slow cooker, grill, or roast. Mix with flour and fry your chicken. This is a good and balanced seasoning with no heat.
$7.95 5.5 oz. All Natural - No MSG
Sweet Piggy Pork Rub
Award Winning. Competition cookers have had numerous champion wins with this rub on ribs. Use on tenderloin, and pork chops for just the right amount of sweet and seasoning.
6 oz. All Natural - No MSG
Sizzlin' Oak Steak Rub
Customers say this rub smells and tastes like steak in a bottle! Put that smoky sizzle on any steaks, burgers, or fajitas. It's a great way to season your baked potato or meatloaf. Van's famous steak recipe-use your favorite cut of steak, pat dry, apply rub generously, cook to desired doneness. Made with sea salt for optimal flavor.
6.5 oz. All Natural - No MSG
Rod 'n Surf Fish Rub
Perfect rub for any type of fish or seafood. Grill or bake in the oven, blacken with it or mix with cornmeal and flour for a home-style fry mixture.
5.8 oz. All Natural - No MSG
Cheezy Italian Seasoning
Make any Italian dish with the herbs and spices in Cheezy Italian. Use to make garlic bread, lasagna, any pasta sauce, pizza sauce, or add to tomato sauce, ground beef or turkey and simmer for the perfect spaghetti sauce.
2.6 oz. All Natural - No MSG
Campfire Dust Seasoning
If you want something to taste like it has been cooked over an open fire, Campfire Dust is what you're looking for. It is Van's famous brisket and wild game seasoning. It can be used to add a smoky, full-bodied flavoring to pinto beans, eggs, popcorn, and any other meat or vegetable dish.
$7.95 5.5 oz. All Natural - No MSG
No sodium, no phosphates or fake salts, no additives at all. Just a great flavor of pure ingredients to enjoy on any type of meat, vegetables, seafood, or even eggs.
4.4 oz. All Natural - No MSG
OMGarlic Seasoning
Robust garlic flavor with added herbs & spices. Garlic lovers have been raving about this seasoning! You can use this to enhance any dish. It is great in soups, salads, or mix with butter for an irresistible garlic butter.
5.8 oz. All Natural No MSG
Texas Heat Hot Rub
A blend of 5 different peppers (black pepper, cayenne, wasabi, jalapeno, and habanero) to spice up any dish. Sprinkle in your favorite sauce or salsa, add to any seasoning or rub to give it more heat. If not everyone likes it hot, use to sprinkle on your individual meal.
4 oz. All Natural No MSG
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Louisiana Critter Seasoning
All purpose seasoning to use in place of salt to enhance the flavors of any meats, seafood, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews, and salads. Medium heat level.
7.5 oz All Natural No MSG
Like It Hot Cajun Seasoning
A spicy Cajun seasoning that will electrify your taste buds with a good kick of heat! Use on every type of food. Let your imagination go wild.
7 oz. All Natural No MSG